Michigan Wedding Photographer

Why choose Lindsay Adkins Photography?
-I want to be more than the lady behind the lens. I want to be your friend! I love to help, organize, and plan your big day with you to maximize your portraits!
-It's more than just 'pretty pictures' with me! I love to make you genuinely laugh, capture the day from the guests perspective and yours. I specialize in the happy moments, tears and all.
-I love details. I try my best to capture every little detail you've perfectally planned for your day! You worked so hard to make it unique and special, and I want to make sure that's captured.
-I use natural light and off camera lighting to bring unique flair to your images.
-However, my style is very clean and bright and true to how it looked the day of, so your portraits will be timeless and classic, yet modern, and unique!

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I'm Lindsay Veld! I'm a 28 year old wife & mother of 3.

LOVE : golden hour & light, margaritas, peach roses, & singing country music or 90's hip hop. I'm a Pinterest addict.

DON'T LOVE : peppers & mornings.


Image by the amazing  Tiffany Marie Photography!