Vanessa | Maternity | Hidden Lake Gardens | Tipton, Michigan

Vanessa | Maternity

Location : Hidden Lake Gardens, Tipton, MI
Harper Maternity Gown & Floral Crown by : Chicaboo

I have known Vanessa for as long as I can remember. We went to school our whole lives together. Our oldest children are in the same classes now. And ironically, we had our two youngest at the same time as well. So all 3 of our kids are around the same age. She's pregnant with baby #4! & I couldn't be more happy. Baby girl, Amelia is due any day now. And she can come, since we finalized maternity pictures in time lol. Vanessa is a beautiful, strong, amazing woman. I've always admired how wonderful of a mother she is. She is also a business woman. A successful one at that. I had such a great time at the beautiful Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, MI, even though I fell on my butt trying to get the main image lol. She was so sweet and these are some of my favorite images to date!