Left Photo : LO Studio, edited by Lindsay Adkins Photography
Right Photo : Lindsay Adkins Photography

Who are we? The best team & friends!

Hi there! I'm Lindsay, and lead photographer for Lindsay Adkins Photography. I am married to Andrew, and together, we have three sons. I'm obsessed with Dr. Pepper, binging reruns, and all things pink! My favorite movies are Pretty Woman & Hercules. I enjoy watching my oldest son perform musical theatre and sing. Our family loves the water and swimming. I enjoy gardening, walking, and sunsets. I spend a majority of my time in the kitchen. Cooking is one of my favorite things! Some of my best meals come from what I call "clean out days" where I just use up what I've got and make a random meal with it! Speaking of favorites, my favorite clients are those who love to talk about life and what makes them happy! Clients who understand that even just a few photos are worth more than they can say, because they value the people in them so much! I appreciate everyone who chooses to spend just a little bit of time with me to capture their moments. It's such a happiness for me to provide happiness for others in this way!

Now on to my assistant Jennica, my bestie! The best assistant! Jennica keeps the timeline going, the bags carried, the dresses fluffed, and so much more. She is truly my right hand on wedding days! She picks up on cues to help keep the day going, and help me with anything I need just by a look. I couldn't imagine getting through the day without her. Jennica is so talented! She is an amazing gardener and you can find her there in the garden, if she isn't cooking or working. She is an amazing cook and has a great YouTube channel with budget friendly meals, canning, and so much more! It's called Dishing Delights & she's so close to 5k subscribers! - Check it out HERE