Emmy & Scott | Engagement | Hidden Lake Gardens | Tipton, Michigan


I met Scott briefly a couple of years ago doing family portraits for his parents & siblings. I was thrilled when Emmy reached out and asked about a wedding package. I was also a little suprised her fiance was Scott. When we did family portraits, they joked he'd be the single fun Uncle. I guess all it took was a first date with this one. I asked Emmy to give me a little bit about their relationship so I could write this blog. She said it sounded cliche, but they knew from the first date. I don't think it's cliche at all. When you know, you know!


Scott & Emmy are coming up on their ONE YEAR anniversary this month, May 23rd!


These two were so smitten & fun! They made the session so easy and laid back.


These two chose the GORGEOUS Nazareth Hall in Ohio! I did a wedding last year and it is a STUNNING venue. I cannot wait to return there, with all the visions I've got in my head, and a avery beautiful Pinterest inspired board Emmy has made.


So, on the way in I saw a cute puddle and figured we'd stop there on the way out, and take this picture I envisioned. Well, by the time we got done, the puddle was dried up from the sun that came out. So, Scott being the awesome man he is, and apparently a water bottle hoarder, helped me dump out water to make a small make shift puddle (or 2 lol) And I LOVED the results!


Scott & Emmy,
I cannot wait for your September wedding! I know it will be amazing and wonderful like you both!
THANK YOU for choosing Lindsay Adkins Photography to capture this special day!

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